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ermm dni, byi and int if!!


basic dni stuff like ermm...racists, pedos, ableists, zoophiles, proshippers..etc...

FETISHIZERS!! and idc what it is. asians, wlw and mlm relationships, latinas I DO NOT CARE!!! get off my page you freakaleek

ppl who support RCTA..its actually insane what ppl will do to "be asian" and shit

against lgbtq+!! i have so many friends who are, and IM bisexual!!! so pls dont talk to me if u arent an ally big bro bro...

ppl who force their religions on others! pls dont im agnostic and i dont wanna go in my messages and have someone saying "follow the gospel"

pls dont add me if u like dreamsmp i might just make fun of u

BYI :33

i am a little silly in the head, i have autism and take most things seriously so if ur gonna say smth mean...atleast try and make it sound like a jokey joke or just dont say it

i type :3 alot so if u think thats a lil cringe erm..we cant talk buddy

i am a GROWN WOMAN!! i dont mind being friends with someone whos atleast 15..but if you're under that age we cannot be friends (unless ive known you for a long time :3)

i am very very forgetful (i have actual proof too) so pls dont be upset if i like forget ur birthday or smth its nothing personal

i scream and swear alot (esp on evade)

i tell ppl to off themselves alot so if u dont like that pls dont be friends with me its a reflex when sm1 is mean

i say things alot like "awe shucks" "oh my glob" and i also make alot of weird noises

i rlly like dad jokes but my dad passed away so sometimes ill just say that after a joke pls dont pity me or feel bad my coping mechanism is being funny

INT IF!!!! :D

you like sharks :3

if we have the same interests!!

if you can talk abt literally anything and everything, like theories and stuff

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