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The Best Shoegaze Release of the Year.

Daydream Twins - Bombinate

This is the best shoegaze EP/Album I've heard in a while. Listening to this is ecstasy in heaven. This drop exceeds the two Whirr singles that dropped earlier this year, which is HUGE because I am a MASSIVE Whirr fan.
Everything about this EP is perfect to me. From the guitar, bass, drums, and vocals. The vocals give me a small hint of Cocteau Twins and The Cranberries while keeping the singer's own style and trancing voice. The guitars are heavy on this but in a hazy and dreamy way - the perfect recipe for a shoegaze classic. The drummer did an incredible job of making this all come together.
I don't know if I have a recency bias towards this because it literally JUST released, but I've got a feeling that the way I feel towards this will remain the same.

Gleaming: This song sets the tone for the rest of the EP and is the perfect intro for what proceeds after it. An overdriven climax for the entire song.

Bombinate: My standout song on the EP, although every track here is what peak shoegaze sounds like to me. It's all very close.

Howard's Murder: This song is heaven in a song. This kind of reminds me of Beach House when the synth comes around towards the middle. The trancing guitars and vocals in the latter half make you feel as if you are floating through a place where time doesn't exist. This song is masterfully executed.

Cherub: My least favorite song, but despite that, it is still very exceptional. This being my least favorite song here isn't a bad thing. I mean what can you do when the rest of the tracks are so stacked? The vocals are still so incredible on this one.

Cut: This song just itches my brain in all of the right places. The fuzzed-out guitars drowning out my thoughts, the vocals sedating me into a lulled state, and the drums keeping me awake creating the perfect high.

I wish I was able to erase this EP from my brain and listen to it again just to feel what I felt listening to it for the first time.

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