Where do we belong?

Some say they see it in hell

I'm tired of living so long in the light

or should I say darkness?

Walking on a path of black roses

Crying for an alien love

Well I feel like we don't belong here

Panic torments me

And my eyes start to bleed

Next to the damn hymnosis

And the cold lights of your city

I pray for a cold full moon night

While I try not to cry

I fall apart in his absence

In my lack of ability to speak

In my insistence to bleed

My vision begins to blur

And the worn strings stop ringing

Because in this way and only in this way can I appreciate

I never learn

When there's no place to go

When you only exist as a savior

Do you know the history of the old parade

While the blood of my teeth stains the bitten apple

And the few lights illuminate the disappointment incarnate

It seems that only the smell of the night calms me

I don't blame you if you think I'm pathetic

There are no ears that want to listen to me

There are no eyes that capture everything I don't want to forget

I have gone blind

I have been left mute

I like to draw

I like to write

I like PR and MCR

I like cold

I like to remember

I like to create memories

Although I think I'm not creating enough

I like to lock myself in my mind

With a good soundtrack and if there is blood included

I like to cut myself if the season is cold

I want you to be my only hope

This is not an opinion, these are not words of wisdom.

It is an exoneration

Because of my lack of education

For my loss of inspiration

It's not even a poem

It's nothing but a bunch of shit

Like me.


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