When my words are nonexistent

When my feelings are indifferent to me

When my verses feel inert

When my tears are imminent

And the razor touches my skin again

The disappointment is permanent

And the bleeding does not wait long

When my eyes are forced to be closed

And I try to remember my favorite movie from this year

Yeah, you made it look like a damn movie

And I can't hate you more for that

Because I can't hate anymore

My face froze in an indifferent expression.

What unprecedented tears

To the sound of a melancholic voice that feels

Like the little band-aid that my mind portrays

His voice is like an antidepressant so strong

That I believe I will die to the beat of his funeral song

It's in my favorite songs

All the time on my mind

The devil lies

and you were my only light

Let it burn, let it bleed

At this point it doesn't matter that the wound doesn't heal.

I would like to say that I learned to live with worms

But I have a million reasons

To ask for help

Or so I should say

I'm just wasted sadness

Without an origin or an end

Portrays the cemetery gates

If you see a monarch butterfly you will know

Because autumn is the only thing you wait for

After the summer of days of danger

In the claustrophobic walls of hell

I'm hoping it will get better

But the certainty that it's only going to get worse

I am convinced that I will survive

But the insecurity that I am going to die

And I don't know where to go

My indifference does not let me decide

But if my sheets are dyed red

If your eyes stick into my memories

If my insides are at his feet

If my dreams are stuck in the knife

My head looks like a haunted house

With that dissonant vinyl

What does our soundtrack contain?

The smell of a tangerine next to coffee and cigarette

Listening to that old cassette

Of promises and a past that only remained in my mind

Well in exchange for your love I will give my bullets.


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