I don't know if I'll ever stop being pathetic.

And turn my words into something poetic

I would like this day to be everlasting

From now on, I feel locked in the claustrophobic walls of hell

And the days will pass and we will continue like this, living in ataraxia

With time passing slowly, daydreaming

Why does your hair look like a nostalgic sunset?

Why do your eyes seem to see my soul?

The kitsch disgusts me, but it's inevitable

The last thing I want is a broken heart

I have never believed in eternity

So why do I see you in every place?

If my life is based on nostalgia

Do you know a place where it could be?

I know all these single words because of you

Maybe my empty lungs contract just for you

I think the metastasis started

It doesn't matter, I have always lived in indifference

That winter afternoon on the beach

Like a metaphorical memory

Watching turtles taking flight

We build our soundtrack

You made it look like a movie

Now I see your face in each of my favorite songs

While I look at the ceiling remembering everything

On a cloudy summer afternoon two years later

Drinking coffee until I get drunk

While cancer cells run through my blood

After all, that's what you mean, you are the embodiment of art

Draw butterflies on my arms

Why did you have to have such good taste in music?

I admit I made you a mixtape after the first night

I didn't think you'd fucking do the same thing

I admit I'm overthinking it

At this point, what difference does it make?

I see the music in you, tell me why?

You say that we are the art

If we are only inert bodies

Cancer kills me

This all sounds pretty selfish.

After all, you're a damn artist

I only live in catharsis

Without caring about the metastasis

I hate everything I write

Because the dictionary of hardship

You taught me.


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