Basement Artist

I find it laughable how hard you try

I'm sorry, I have to admit it

I just don't understand your reasoning

Your garbage is nothing but meaningless words

I even feel pathetic writing this

Cause I'm trying to be an artist

Of those who drown in a pool of blood and caffeine

Because even in this situation

The apocalypse seems to be a salvation

Maybe it doesn't mean anything to you

Light a cigarette in the early morning

Maybe it helps the pain and despair

A cup of coffee and a lemon pie

If you need to go back to the past

Because all my life I've been miserable

An immature, emo boy who cuts his wrists

Although before having a sexual life

I'd rather drown in an eternal existential crisis

Even if I want to keep my mind blank

I don't think this matters that much.

A miserable child, incoherent with himself

Who changes his mind quickly and his instability eats away at him

An anti-system who hates school and believes in anarchism

A stupid man with traumas, a son of a bitch who has no destiny

Honestly if I die in the pool of blood and caffeine

I would be happy to have lived my life

Because locked in the basement all day

It's how I want to spend all my time

Maybe crying for Gerard Way

Maybe singing Frank Iero songs

Seeing a shining ferris wheel in the distance

Copying the verse of a song

Hoping to find inspiration

One of those songs that make me cut my wrists

Painting pictures with everything and a sore wrist

Returning to my time as a photographer

Contemplating the beautiful night

Editing archived songs and videos

I thought I forgot about them

Creating memories left and right

Thinking about the past with my mind on the pale

Of the moon's reflection through my room

Lost in the fireworks

Feeling the cold air

That gives me signs that my life is passing

Without hesitation I think about what happens while I do what I would like

Painting pictures, collecting broken pieces

I don't care if it sounds pathetic and unrealistic

I'm just playing at being an artist.


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