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  • racistย , anti-black, colorist, xenophobic
  • against blm, anti stop asian hate
  • pro alm or wlm, white supremist
  • naz! alt-right
  • antisemetic, islamophobic
  • anti acab, pro cop, pro blue lives matter
  • ableistย , against self diagnosis
  • sysphobic, pluralphobic
  • classist, anti-homeless
  • misogynistic, sexist, anti-feminist
  • pro-life, anti-abortion
  • pedophilesย , groomers, maps, nomaps
  • pro-ship, anti-antis
  • zoophiles, animal abusers
  • use slurs you can't reclaim
  • are proship or anti-anti
  • aren't critical of your interests
  • are/support mspec-lesbians, are/support "male lesbians"
  • exclusionists, apart of a bigoted group
  • lgbtq+phobic/queerphobic (homophobic, transphobic, lesbiphobic, biphobic, panphobic, aphobic, enbyphobic, etc...)

if you do not follow thisย criteria you will be blocked !!!!!!

(tell me if i have to add more in dms !)

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