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AGERE BLOG | agere discord servers rant

i fucking hate being an age regressor. 

i hate that when i try to be with people like me i join a server and they say "define agere and we'll let you in" and i define agere and they say now write ten more paragraphs. i know you want your server to be "safe" but asking for an essay isnt the way to get that. if a troll wants to get into a server to harrass age regressors they can go copy and paste an essay just as easily as one of us can because NOBODY, whether theyre safe or not, is writing all that just to join a server. 

i hate having to censor my public profile all the time just to be in servers for a headspace i'm in two percent of the time.

i hate not being able to talk to people like me because i cant understand wlehn threwy tlawlk wliek dwirs.

i fucking hate age regression discord and there are no better communities for us.

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