the impossible happened. i have a CRUSH on a BOY?!?!?!? WAT OH MA GAWD

still dont know how it happened but im crushing HARD on this guy i met!! hes super nice and cool and just AAAAAAA

literally dont know how to describe him or how im feeling bc it will DEF turn into word vomit (gross :P)

i literally dont know what im doing bc ive never liked a guy before?!?!?! like we hug each other and stuff but i dont want to convince myself i have a shot if i dont :/

its hard to talk to him, not just coz i like him, but also bc we dont share a lotta intrests. like i dont know jack shit about like anime and stuff but hes super into it and im ?!?!?!?!?

ive wanted to get into anime for a while but like idk where to start?!!?!? so some suggestions would be nice <3

anyway i hope i can talk to him more soon bc like crush aside hes just a super chill guy thats not judgey like at all so !!!!!

god idek what the fuck this blog even is anymore uhhhhh yeah. ill end it there. see yall l8terz!!!! :3

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