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AHHHH im sick right now :( i wasnt in school today because of it (and because i woke up late) but either way i got to stay home :> been coughing all week though but hopefully ill be better next week!! anyways im watching hocus pocus right now... its interesting, no clue whats happening though, frankly, i believe theres definitely not enough singing for my liking, oh now i wanna watch a musical... maybe tomorrow. if it isnt obvious im just typing my thoughts. anyways i need to tidy my room but honestly im lacking motivation so i might start one of those tiktok accounts doing things with my room but idk... ill be moving to my parents room soon anyways so hopefully ill have places to put things! anyways im trying to be more active on this but honestly idk if i can xD im trying though <333

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Hiii! You seem so cewl lmao!! I wish you luck w/ ur sickness (Oof) and ur room (Tbh same tho)!

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hehe thanks! just looking at your profile and you seem really cool too, thanks for the luck! (ill need it honestly)

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Aaaaa tyyy! You have as good of a year as you can!! :D

by Bravopotato; ; Report

you too!!! :DDD

by moss; ; Report