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playing with laptop camera + rambles

cant wait til i get scissors or a razor so i can fix the mess that is my fringe n hair rn also sorry im not very pretty but i like taking pictures anyways :3 i wanted to use a profile picture with my full face in it but I didn't like any :< third one was an option, maybe I'll change it to that in the future?

also what category am I supposed to put this in!!!

oh and today I went out by myself ALL BY MYSELF after a long time, I'm not trusted with going outside alone lol but I did it >:3 next: be trusted with sharp objects!!

also had a sushi bowl for lunch that was so good omgggggggg >_< and couldn't choose whether I should wear this fit with pants or shorts, looked way better wioth shorts but sometimes i get comments when i wear them so I decided to wear pants!!! T_T and I got a new belt!! I wish I had pics X_X also bought new skirt and didn't notice the zipper was broken, i was so sad :(

btw I need new friends!! I need someone who loves to call!! feel free to dm me if u wanna be frens on disccccccscxscsxsdvdrvignr

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