i'm in utah rn visiting my best friend! i got here very late last night. my plane was delayed by an hour :c i tried reading "idol burning" on the plane but there were very noisy girls talking during the entire flight so i couldn't focus and only got 30 pages in. i need to order some noise canceling headphones and cover them w/ cute stickers.

this morning andi and i walked to a cute coffee place near their apt. the mountains here look so scenic and the weather is nice.

we ordered wings from trolley and drinks from swig. i got a blended dr pepper w/ coconut cream and it's v good! the wings were actually spicy af.

ummm so the hole in the food container is because there was a candle behind it ๐Ÿค 

rn we are watching hereditary while i wait for baldur's gate 3 to download so we can play with emily!ย 

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Y'all are adorable, glowing together, love when friends reuniting!

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