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dni and byf ! ⇀

my dni criteria !

➛ basics; homophobes, transphobes, racists, sexists, gore accs/supporters

➛ people who bash other people for their interests without giving them a chance/ or can't admit their wrong n refuse to say sorry (ive had tm experiences)

thin ice !

➛ dsmp fans

➛ genshin fans

➛ danganronpa fans

➛ (i have had bad experiences w those fandoms, im still open 2 being your friend tho unless something bad happens!)

byf !

➛ i do flirt a lot ! so if you arent comfortable with that and i accidentally do it w/o asking you first please tell me:)

➛ i don't understand tone sometimes, if you are a tone tag user that would b rly helpful !

➛ i also don't understand somethings that i say are wrong, or can make people uncomfortable, if i say something wrong or mean please lmk because i don't intend 2 ! i js cant read social cues v well

➛ n please tell me if im friends w/ someone problematic ! 

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