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  • *If my typing quirk is too hard to read, I will ALWAYS be open to translating and even stop using my typing quirk when talking to u if needed
  • *I Fictionkin (Fictkin 4 short)Β CLICK )(EREΒ 2 learn what that is if u don't already
  • *I would kindly ask if u read my gender + nickname blog post but that is 100% optional and I don't really care if u use my xeno pronouns cuz I'll almost always have alternatives
  • *I try to be as empathetic and/or sympathetic as possible, but if I am being insensitive or overly sensitive pls let me know!!!
  • Pls know I don't really post or talk that much on here, I'm much more active on other socials
  • *Ik how cringe and chronically online I sound, idgaf, I am free and happy and I hope you can be too!!!


  • *Ppl around my age (12-17)
  • *Ppl that share intrests w/me
  • *Alt ppl
  • *Trans folks
  • *Otherkin ppl
  • *Crafty ppl
  • *Ppl that use xenogenders and xeno/neo pronouns
  • *Coders (teach me your ways, pleeeeeease)
  • *IRL friends
  • *Fashion ppl
  • *Ppl with AD)(D or just neurodivergent
  • *Breakfast enjoyers/enthusiasts


  • *Pro/Com/Darkshippers
  • *Loli/ShotaconΒ 
  • *Anti Fictkin
  • *Anti xenogender and/or xeno/neo pronouns
  • *Assholes
  • *Ppl that are mean to ppl with typing quirks (especially if it's easy to read (ex: putting symbols before text) and they provide translations)
  • *Basic DNI criteria (ex: racist, xenophobic, etc.)
  • *Pringles enthusiasts
  • *People that have consumed raw cabbage within the past 4 hours
  • *Government officials

*Everyone else ask or idc


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