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introduction :P

thought i would do a little expanded thingy on who i am lolz

hi my names mikey im 14 years old, i live in the east and my nationality is half russian half ukrainian. i also have autism so please use tone tags

heres my pronouns page if you wanna check that out

im transgender, homosexual and omniromantic 

i play bass, acoustic and i sing sometimes but im not that good at it. ill get a keyboard soon and ill play that too which i think is really cool. i also draw / sketch and im pretty decent at it

im really into music, dan and phil, johnnie guilbert and jake webber and i love twenty one pilots. i also love dc comics (especially batman) and homestuck 

my other fav bands are mcr, fob, early p!atd, saves the day and more bands that i mostly listen 1-2 songs from.

i have a fren named fid, we're classmates and we hang out quite a lot. youll see me mention her time to time.

i also have a dog named Lucky here she is


here's a pic of me too i think this one is really sick


ill cut my hair really soon so its not gonna be as long. ill definitely post the new cut lol.

ok i think this is about it. if you have any questions ask down below ill answer pretty much anything

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