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AI has ruined a lot of opportunities

Yeah! I said it.

AI is the most harmful thing for people and the workplace industry.

I will list my pros and cons (I have mostly cons especially for the work and art industry)

Pros: Able to create helpful prompts for stores, artwork for continuous more ideas. Helps artists and story writers to create books or artwork due to the descriptions or generated images. 

Cons: Steals from other artworks around the world. Could potentially destroy a whole industry. Has shown that often enough you need to pay for it. Like Midjourney. Using people’s voices without permission is a big one!

There is so much more. But why would people put AI behind a paywall if it’s just gonna let AI steal from artists anyway? 

Because people really don’t care.

Considering it’s a way to make money and also steal from artists, no person really cares that deeply of it besides artists who are being stolen from. For a good cause of course.

Voice actors are also heavily hurt from this, as well. Since AI is able to replicate most voices, voice actors feel often threatened by AI due to its abilities. And people yet still use it despite those said voice actors not wanting their voice used for it. A big case was Erica Lindbeck to RAN OFF of twitter for expressing her hatred towards AI and people got onto her and berated her? 

Which ABSOLUTELY horrible?

I know this is a rant technically but I pretty much have a neutral view on it, more on the negative side because I am an artist.

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