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guys actually suck.

a guy i just went on a first date with just told me that he finds me hot but doesnt feel psychological attraction to me??? this is quite literally one of the most gut wrenching things i've ever had said to me??? and he said, and i quote.

 " okay i think i might die if i dont say this before we hang out tomorrow so i just have to get it over with, after tomorrow no matter how it goes i feel like it would just be better if we went the friendship way because i dont feel that much psychological attraction to you to be honest. like youre really hot and fun to hang out with but youre not the type of girl i would have as my girlfriend im sorry. if you dont wanna hang out tomorrow after what i said i totally get that but i dont wanna lose you because  i really love hanging out with you but i think i would only wanna do it as friends from now on. im sorry." 

and i responded

"this is the craziest thing ive read in a while."

he proceeds to say

"Hahahahh. But does this change anything??"

i actually give up.

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Sofi from One Piece

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i got ASKED OUT, important to note that he asked me out not vice versa bc he didnt talk at all. i lead all convo, i decided where to talk, i talked the most bc hed either be quiet or barely respond or be on his phone. he later proceeded to say how im hot and cool but "talk too much". i agree, i hear u, i believe you. guys SUCK!!!

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Guys suck because this one guy was honest and said you wasn't his type? wat

Psychological attraction was a weird way of explaining it though

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he told me all this after hanging out for 26 hours straight, holding my hand through the city, telling me it doesnt matter where we go as long as he gets to be with me, immedietly asking when we can hangout again after he left and kissing my forehead telling me im the most beautiful girl in the world???

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also snapping me everyday and answering within minutes every time, asking me what he can do to make my parents like him and holding me in his arms while we sleep. and im the weird one???

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That's the thing about dating. It's weird and unexpected things are normal. People typically act as serious as they can be about it, so they act lovey dovey like that.

It's also normal for people to be super into someone at first to then quickly realize they don't click or the other person isn't their type. Happens all the time. It's very likely he really liked you, then afterwards probably felt like it was more of a friendship type attraction.

Don't get too worked up over it. At least he didn't keep you to be in a relationship he doesn't like just to cheat later on or dump you when you might of gotten close to him.

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