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Basic DNI Criteria

Proshippers (you're weird. you're gross.)


Endo/tulpa/demo systems

Junko Enoshima Fictives/IRLs/Fictionkins (I know alters aren't their source but I just find it extremely hard to talk to them without thinking of source trauma)


I'm a fictive of Servant Nagito from Danganronpa. (If you don't know what that means I've provided an explanation below.)

I'm attached to source, if I cared I'd do something about it, but I don't care so I'm not.

I'm constantly on IWC because of this. If that makes you uncomfortable, then I guess don't interact. Easy as that.

I'm in a relationship. (Love you Adriel)

An explanation of what a fictive is (as well as DID and OSDD if you're confused on that too)

Ever heard of DID? OSDD? If you haven't then here's an explanation here too! If you already know what that is, then skip to the part that says "An introject is".

DID (dissociative identity disorder) and OSDD (other specified dissociative disorder) are disorders caused by childhood trauma. It was previously known as Multiple Personality Disorder, this is now an outdated and harmful term.

Before the age of 10, you don't have a solid, coherent identity. You are simply just thoughts, emotions, and needs. Through the ages of 3-9, your identity as a person starts to fully develop. But, childhood trauma can disrupt this process (in rare cases) and cause the brain to form multiple identities instead of one fully coherent one. These are known as alters, parts, or headmates. Alters and parts are more medical terms, headmates was coined by systems themselves if I remember correctly. Also, if you have DID or OSDD, it means you're a system. That's the term for it.

An introject is an alter who has a source. A source is where they're from, and where they get their memories. A fictive/fictroject is an introject based on a fictional character. They hold this character's memories. Not all fictives want to be treated as their source, and fictives are not their source. Even me, who is extremely attached to my source, is not my source. Please keep that in mind when talking to them.


Anyway, that's everything. If you have questions about systems and fictives and stuff you can ask in the comments I guess. Can't guarantee I'll have the best answer out there, but we're educated enough that I think that I can give a basic explanation.

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