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About me!

❊ about me!

"what can you call me?"

i dont really use my real name on social media, specifically public accounts. :p

"What's my zodiac?"
I'm a Libra born on october 8th! ^^

"How many languages do I speak?"
I speak dutch, but i've spoken english fluently since i was 8. i do know how to introduce myself in german and french, and how to have a basic conversation, but thats it.

What are my likes?
- History!  
- summer
- shopping
- going out
- cats ฅ(^•ﻌ•^)ฅ
- baking
- reading
- social media
- skincare
- victorias secret
- makeup
- singing
- acting

DNI if:
If you're racist,  homophobic, etc. Just be nice! ^^

 if we have the same music taste, if you love Y2k fashion (not SHEIN y2k!!!!!!), if we have similar interests.

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✮ toby ✮

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omg ur birthday is the day after mine!!

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no way omg!!

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