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✯~ tonight i wrote a new poem, im not a good writer nor am i an actual poet, i like writing poetry when i cant really find a way to release emotions, but i think thats what poetry sometimes is. idk take that with a grain of salt as i havent written since i think last year =_=". . . poetry always enters my life in the fall so im always writing in a journal or sketchbook i have on me, or my notes app like the true human i am !!!!! but heres the poem

"a walking skeleton with merely a bit of decomposition left."

i am not alive

i am not dead

i watch the grey clouds from outside

of this room

in which i am decomposing

i am not alive

but i am not dead

i sit on this bathroom floor

where an atheist has pleaded

again and again

just to end this decomposition

i am not alive

yet i am not dead

despite the storm of which i have

survived many times long before

i am absent

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