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my favorite sneakers/sneaker colorways

disclaimer: i cant write so excuse me if these descriptions seem nonsensical

i'll add more to this as i rack my brain for more shoes

nike air jordan 1 high "chicago"

includes: original 1985 release, 1994 rerelease, 2013 rerelease, 2015 rerelease, 2022 "lost and found" rerelease

do I own these?: YESSSSS (2022 rerelease)

2015 air jordan 1 chicago

pictured: 2015 rerelease

the one that started it all... you can never go wrong with these

unfortunately as nice as these are chicagos are really hard to find for a reasonable price... the 2015s are >$1,000 and dont even ask about the 94s or god forbid the 85s

if you do get your hands on a version of these (most likely the "lost and founds" from 2022, like i did), you'll own one of the most iconic pairs of shoes EVER. and be prepared to buy some red clothes to go along with them

nike dunk high sb x MF DOOM

do i own these?: no and i will probably never own these

nike dunk high sb x MF DOOM

now these bitches are HARD... too bad theyre rare as fuck

these go for around $3,000-$4,000 on the resale market and for good reason i suppose... theres not many places short of ebay that you can find these. its such a shame cause its themed around an artist i love and theyre so well executed.


nike dunk high sb "unheaven's gate"


do i own these?: no but i might

nike dunk high sb "unheaven's gate"

theres actually an interesting backstory to these... the name "unheaven's gate" comes from the heaven's gate cult, which i won't go explain in too much detail here but you can feel free to read about elsewhere. the reason the heaven's gate cult and nike are intertwined in this story is because members of the cult committed a mass suicide, in which each dead cult member wore a pair of nike decades (now discontinued) and had a purple piece of cloth placed over them by a living cult member (hence the purple on the shoes pictured here). if i remember correctly, nike originally wanted to release a "heaven's gate" dunk that had some differences than the unheaven's gates, but due to controversy over the theme, they were scrapped and these were released in its place.

while some sample pairs for the original "heaven's gate" dunks still exist, they are extremely rare and often go for upwards of $10,000. and at that point you might as well go for these.

bapesta fs-001 x kanye west "the college dropout"

do i own these?: i dont even think these really exist to be honest

kanye bape

youre telling me i can WEAR one of my favorite albums??? on my FEET?????

im a big sucker for this color pallette... the orange-ish midsole and the red accents make these look really warm and cozy. even if you disregard the connection to the college dropout these are just great shoes in general.


these bad boys are so sought after its not even funny... if you find these anywhere for a reasonable price TAKE THEM IMMEDIATELY... it dont matter if its not your size youre getting a steal for something so valuable

nike air jordan 1 high x union la “black toe”

do i own these?: hell no 😭😭😭

jordan 1 x unla “black toe”

ive heard differing opinions on these and i can definitely see both sides… in my opinion i like what they were going for here with the “reimagining” if you will of a classic colorway, but ive heard others say this is a tacky rehash of something that already existed thats only expensive because its a collaboration piece

something i do think is kinda cool is that the lower part of the shoe on these and the upper collar and tongue of the other pair from this collab, the “storm blues” (pictured below), actually go together, as if the original collars were taken off the shoes and stitched onto the others

air jordan 1 x unla “storm blue”

nike air jordan 4 “military blue”

includes: original 1989 release, 2004 rerelease, 2012 rerelease, upcoming 2024 rerelease

do i own these?: no but its actually possible this time

air jordan 4 military blue

pictured: 2012 rerelease

i like the blue on these… theyre nice and subtle. you could wear these with all kinds of fits. ive been seeing a lot of military black 4s and fire reds around school and when im out and about so these are a nice switchup of pretty much the same color blocking

dc court graffiks (black/white)

do i own these?: not yet…

dc court graffiks


my fashion style is shifting a bit so im starting to gravitate towards these im ngl… goin for that 2000s skater boy aesthetic

and before you say anything YES I DO SKATE!!!! im a beginner but everyone was a beginner at some point

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Seeing these shoes has awakened an urge inside of me that will launch me into crippling debt

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i gotta add the (relatively) more affordable ones theyre not all this bad i swear

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