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well shit, i haven't used this site in around a year or two and almost nothing has changed, aside from graduating from high school and the friend group absolutely imploding.

i turn 18 in 5 days and i don't feel ready to become a legal adult, you know? i don't really want to grow up, i just want to keep doing whatever i'm doing right now.

growing up is odd, every moment i have experienced or ever will experience eventually just becomes a memory in the back of my head. friends and family will inevitably leave one way or another and eventually be forgotten entirely.

is it odd to want to get old experience the world, while simultaneously being scared of growing old?

anyways, there's my once a year blog on this damn site. maybe i'll make another one when i turn 20. oh yeah, if you've read this, thank you for taking your time to read my dumb rant on this tiny corner of the internet. see you in two years. maybe.

- a local dumbass

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You'll certainly feel the change after a while ‍💫

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Hey I turne a couple week 17 and I still feel like I'm 14.
Well at least in my country I'm allowed to drink.
Idk if it helps Bute there is a song that called 18

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