🎒 Cat pee backpack chronicles 4

Ok so my backpack doesn’t smell anymore bc I blasted it with chemicals. Now I’m js gonna call my school blogs cat pee backpack chronicles bc habit atp

At like the start of the year I drew a cat on this scemo kids paper bc I cant flirt. so I just drew the cat in a really specific style that’s like “oh yea ___ did that..”

 so since I have this specific class everyday I have been drawing these cats on the whiteboard tahts behind my seat so you could tell SPECIFICALLY I did it. Fortunately, I was paired with him and making sure it was at an angle he could see I drew the cats on my paper and he was js standing there like 🧍. And he drew his own cats on his paper so I feel like that’s a good sign I guess. He was really nice when we worked together it was like the first time I’ve ever spoken to him. 

Later, when our pair-work was done I start drawing things other than cats on the board behind me and he comes over and draws his cat and also butter (?) like ok. Whatever floats ur boat LOL.

it’s funny too bc he draws his cats like ₍^.  ̫.^₎ exactly like a kaomoji or some shit

 and I do BIG FAT BULGING EYES on mine 

He prob doesn’t like me tho 🥶 that’s okay


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