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lyfe updaaateeee :ppppp

i got kicked out, my cat died, anddddd eremmmmmmm ya i was homeless and jobless BUT...... guess what..... im still homeless but i got ajob :0 so... um erm... pog ig but you know what man its cool cuz ik i got this alllll under control baybee !! 

who knows man now that ive hit the boittom i was all lie welll lets jus go back 2 the top ya kno? 

aaaanyways, tears of the kingdom cameout and its nifty ig, but at the saame tie dont you thiunnk thewy coulda done a helluva lot better than what they did ? like the sotry is all over the pl,ace and they just repeat themsewlves, and liek wha happened toi all of the zonai? liek?? bro? idk its whatever.

i started smoking cigarettes again, dont tel the police im only 20 pls pls pls, and yeah i love me some cowboy killers (marlbopro redssss) SPEAKIG OF WHICH I HAUKLED CATTLE WIOTH MY UNCLE AND IM WRANGLING BULLS THIS SATURDAY SO LIKE IM LIKE A RERALL ASS COWBOY NOW???? goated

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