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This is just to go a little more in depth about what I'm like <3

Soooo basically my big toxic trait is my self-centered tendencies and my ability to make everything about relationships or romance or s3x, so for the most part, most of my blogs and bulletins will be somewhat related to my love life, or just dumb stuff in general.

Of course I talk about other stuff when I'm just having a conversation, but in cases like this where it's just a one way thing specifically designed to talk about myself, you know damn well i'm going to. I do complain kinda a lot, but not in an annoying way i dont think. Things r just overwhelming sometimes lol.

but yeah, thats me, don't be afraid to message me or anything!! I love meeting new people and making friends and talking. Have a lovely day :)

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Recognizing our toxic traits is the first step but then what?

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well i kinda like mine so im just gonna be self-aware without trying to enact any change for now, but maybe i'll change my mind.

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