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some elder emos need 2 get their shit wrecked again lolz

Ive seen so many elders emos complaining about younger gen emos being insecure, sensitive and shit but.... that's literally what ur being.... if you complain about young emos being sensitive and complaining all the time ur claim is basically thrown out the window lol

u guys get ur tits in a twist bc u talk abt how "we used to be cool and people didn't cry over stupid shit" and how "we were powerful and we didn't whine all time" - u literally need 2 get off ur own dick - just bc the group of ppl u hung around didn't do it doesn't mean it didn't happen ???? 

Gatekeeping something in ur youth doesn't make u likeable to the same lame people that share the same lame ideas as u lmao - times change and ways that people express their emotions also change - just bc ppl didn't cry or complain on the internet back in the day doesn't mean it never happened in other ways - diaries and journals r like the main source of this ?? ur just mad bc now u have to face that other ppl had it worse than u 

no need to insult people who want to keep ur culture alive - isn't like one of the main ideas of being emo accepting people who are broken and feel defeated no matter why that is ??

stop being a dick :/

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Rob ≽•≼

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fr tho like theyre just so insecure that they hate on younger emos 4 just being teens

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exactly ! its like they forgot what the entire culture was in the first place

by OliversEpitaph; ; Report

like all the stereotypes about emos being all sad and depressed effected them too!!? and now theyre bein nasty to new emos because of stereotypes!! itz so dumb 0_o

by Rob ≽•≼; ; Report