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"Technology has always been the gateway to the unknown frontier; digital space is not a tool or a medium, it is the invisible unreality that is waiting to be found."

- Melonking's Manifesto

This is a collection of sites I enjoy and things that I think are interesting! Feel free to suggest more in the comments below. :]


  1. CoolMathGames (link)
  2. Flashpoint Archive (link)
  3. itch.io (link)
  4. neal.fun (link)
  5. Orteil's Stuff (link)
  6. Wiki Speedrun (link)
  7. YNOproject (link)


  1. Indie Wiki Buddy (link)
  2. Minecraft Wiki (link)
  3. Miraheze (link)
  4. Nintendo Independent Wiki Alliance (link)
  5. The Cutting Room Floor (link)
  6. wiki.gg (link)
  7. Yume Wiki (link)

Other Stuff

  1. Cocksley & Catapult (link)
  2. Internet Archive (link)
  3. Live Kitten Cam (link)
  4. toki pona (link)
  5. xkcd (link)

Other Collections

  1. AcidJaw Directory (link)
  2. Bored Button (link)
  3. Neocities (link)
  4. Peelopaalu's Directory (link)
  5. sadgrl's Directory (link)
  6. sadgrl's Directory Directory (link)
  7. The Useless Web (link)
  8. Virtual Pet List (link)
  9. Xanthe's Linkroll (link)

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