Do y’all tell me if someone hit you would you hit them back or tell the teacherΒ 

My answer is yesΒ 

So another story timeΒ 

So someone said that and the teacher got all mad and then some dude gave me. A rice crispy treat and than he gave a girl his other one than he was sad and than the history teacher got mad at me and she said I don't wanna see you ever take his food again like girl please she didn't even get on the other girl like damn and then some kid hit me so I hit him back and then so he threw his pencil at me so I threw it and so she seen me throw the pencil and she said "why did you throw that at him" and I said because he threw it at me first than she said I seen you throw it than I said okay but he threw it at me first then she said okay but I seen you throw it like damn I don’t cause no trouble in your class and this is how you do me and after all of this she just be staring at me like what giddsmb

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