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🫀 - school rambles #3 + beef with my psych textbook


this textbook is going to be the death of me. i am so annoyed with it!!! all it does is repeat its own points constantly but in slightly different ways i swear. like the chapters are already long enough as it is and then they just keep!!! making it LONGER!! but its saying nothing!

and i feel like the textbook itself is SO white centric. its teaching future white teachers and that's the demographic. its so annoying i wanna rip my hair out reading this.

also generally at the point of the semester (uni) where i am annoyed and dont wanna go to class and i have SO much to do but yall keep ASSIGNING ME SHIT!!! but now that i catch myself writing this out, i did spend a year away from school, working and eventually just rotting when my shitty asshole boss Was An Asshole and i quite literally just rotted. i am happy to be in school its just so much!!! its so much reading and im so bad at balancing stuff, i need so much recharge time, and im also just prone to being lazy like any other student.......anyway im bald now (ripped out all my hair)

im sitting here writing this even though i should be reading stuff....... usdhfuishduisdfuisdf. tldr i hate this textbook i wish it would explode

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