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🫀 - school rambles


told myself i would pull an all nighter to study and it is 1 am . i am awake. almost fell asleep though but here i am. except i dont have energy to study i am soo lazy rn. i might just chug coffee soon im really behind on sooo much schoolwork and org stuff. 

this was a really bad time to start brainrotting over vocaloid again lol. i made a new au with miku + mayu, and im revamping some favorite gakupo aus!!!! i just want to think about them and draw them all day but i Must be University Student...and I Must Keep Reading. my brain must expand and become huge.

my friends and family just left and it was a fun time, my family met my friends for the first time and they all really mean a lot to me. especially my little siblings! and my friends were getting along well with them and it made me so :)!! my gf couldn't make it though :( i see her on Monday so its ok, but i still really wanted her to meet everyone. there's always next time <3

i am going to try and force myself to get through this textbook chapter. i just need to get at least 2 sections done and then it'll be fine i dont even need to stay up all night GRAAAGH willing some willpower into my system. zzzzz

(repost after deleting, trying to organize blog)

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