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Additionally recovered memories IS OUT NOW!!! + news again i think

Hey all, I'm back again with another BANGER by The Protagonist, this album right here is shorter, more various, more upbeat, and more interesting compared to TRCM. I hope you like these extra memories that didn't make the cut. And yeah, the whole TRCM series are complete now. 

Additionally recovered memories | The Protagonist

And now, for the news...

Any news? I've been rapidly making music for the past week, well... not really making anything new, just making vinyls of pre existing albums. And again, there isn't anything new left for me to share. The same old things. Making a bunch of vinyls so then I can buy them, PayPal is gonna happen in a few days (it's confirmed, i think), and there isn't anything new from Sonic4 besides The Death Of Blox (A Partial Flashback), which doesn't really count. I've already talked about everything else like future releases on my previous blog posts, so there isn't anything new left for me to share. Except...


That's right. I have to find my own samples for the source material used in TRCM, it took me a lot of effort. I had to comb through many youtube playlists, look through google's specific search commands to find playlists and videos containing music, scanning songs through two different music recognition extentions, and I'm proud to announce that almost ALL samples have been found. There's a few songs that are still unknown, and here's a list of them (for now)


Memory Fifty Five (Melody: Badluck Da Killa City Kid - I Do)

  2. Memory Sixty Two (Melody: StanLi Atlantis - ICE
  3. Memory Sixty Five 
  4. Memory Sixty Eight 
  5. Memory Sixty Nine 
  6. Memory Seventy Two
  7. And all of TRCM-CD7 (additional memories) because I haven't started sample finding those songs yet.

You can catch up with the latest sample-finding news on my discord server, or you can even help me do so. I doubt that anyone would want to do it, though. 

Here's the official sample playlist of TRCM-CD1 to CD6. (CD 7 coming soon)

Theoretically recovered corrupt memories - Samples

And guys, one last thing.

My YouTube channel with all those Full Album videos will be happening after I record some footage for TRCM's visuals, and that can only happen if I go back to my old school's crumbling ruins to take some footage, and to host the listening event for TRCM. So yeah, I already talked about the details before, I don't need to repeat myself. That's all, see you guys in the next blogpost...

Edit: Oops, just forgot two more things. I will upload all of TRCM's source material to the VaultKid microsite in the future. And another thing, discord has made some changes to their CDN file hosting services. This will cause some assets on my website to break down, which is also something I have to take care of. (especially the vaultkid microsite will suffer from this)

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