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❊ about me!

Some questions you may have in your mind:

"How can you call me?"

My name's Diane, actually that's my second name but I feel rather more comfortable when someone's calling me it :D.

"What's my zodiac?"
I'm a proud gemini born on the 1st of June🤎.

"How old am I?"
I'm between the age 14-16, (I don't really like sharing my age on the internet lol).

"How many languages do I speak?"
I speak english, currently learning german but I'm open for learning a new language!

What are my likes?
-history & science
-the colors brown, green, red & gray❊
-pop music❊
-dogs & cats❊
-grwm videos (honestly addicting)❊
-writing silly poems❊
-pink roses❊

If you're racist, homophobic, transphobic & support animal abuse or support any of that

If you like any artist mentioned in my music section or their songs (for example Taylor Swift, Lana Del Rey, Britney Spears)
If you like any of interests that I also like
If you respect other people's opinion

(I'll probably add more soon)

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