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first case

Hello, today a new a call came!!

from a person named henry

he said there was a rumor in his school that, there is a highschooler and if you get him mad he will apparently actually beat u up! henry wanted to test that theory but was too 

scared. i knew it was odd that a dude will beat u up, but it was possible. no one told the teacher, but it was obvious why.

i told him a list of instructions if you are curious what were the instructions there here!

  1. meet a person , who is naive and isn't aware  of the rumor
  2. if you need lie about the rumor Example: (if you make funny roasts, he'll give you candy.)
  3. make it convincing
  4. manipulate him, but don't let him get hurt
  5. check what will happen, if so tell him to not tell anyone.
  6. crack the rumor

Believe it or not, he followed my instructions and it worked!!!

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