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What's the best scene of eating in a film I can think of ?

There's a film called The Menu. It is film revolving around food, as the title suggests. This is the story of a couple going into a very special gastronomical restaurant, but as you guessed it, it isn't a normal restaurant. This place actually kills their clients. The chef is actually very frustrated and invites people he especially wants to see dead - rich people -. As the movie unfolds, we see each serving getting weirder and weirder as some people going crazy. Indeed, a cook shoots himsef a bullet up the throat, the man of the couple goes to hang himself after the chef whispered something in his ear, and a girl stabbed her knee with a scissor. 

But the lady in the couple who entered the restaurant in the beggining knows that something is up, and that something is up with the chef especially. She then proceeds to asks him for cheesburger, a greasy, low quality, and unhealthy cheesburger that you could get at any fast-food because the food that was previously served was tasteless and loveless. Taken aback, the chef is intrigued by the girl as he only made very elaborated food since the beginning. He accepts and make her the cheeseburger she wanted. This being one of the last scenes of the movie, we see the chef more relaxed and peaceful than earlier. The girl eats her burger and stops, suddenly being full, leaving behind some fries and a few cheeseburger bites. She then asks if she can take the food to go. The chef agrees and packs the rest of food. Carefully, the girl then stands up and looks one last time behind before leaving. 

As she arrives down the road, she sees the restaurant burning in flames, the chef having set fire to everything around him in a last act of despair. 

The scene were the woman eats the cheesebruger is definitly my favorite, it mixes suspense and tension and finally saves her from the madness of the restaurant. 

The Menu (2022) - IMDb

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