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What's the best scene of eating or sharing a meal in a film?

For me the best scene of eating and sharing food in a film was in an anime (the silent voice). It was at a fireworks and the two characters were eating street food like dango, mochi, ramen, tteobokki and SOUP DUMPLINGS I love soups dumplings its so gooood its filed with miso soup and meat. It's the best scene for me because I love street food and in this anime it look sooo good (like we can see the food shine) and we can see the two caracteres eating their food and have a great time by sharing and buying food.

¬†Best Soup Dumplings Recipe - How to Make Soup DumplingsSoup Dumplings (Xiao Long Tang Bao) in Wuhan, China — Travel Is Zen

 This is a soup dumpling its one of my favorite dish in the world its filed with miso soup and any kind of meat and I love it!!!!! Its also called Xiao long bao.

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