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the pooki cooki life

37(IST) , 5th october 2023

Entry number 1!11, ssoo i usually already journalize everything on insta in a memeish way but i felt like a blogd be pre cool too, esp now that i have left gaming pre much due to college work burden(meh).

Shiz been pre good lately , i think ill be reaching my aesthetic goals soon nd what not too yeah!, i had a dirty problem for almost 8 months which i completely was blinded to lol but now thats solved it should be very smooth sailing ( the issue literally was a cheat meal that was nearly 3k cals but i never realised , i always thouhght itd be a bit less aa).

I miss gaming, ill msybr discuss more on that later, thank you for reading fine people (limiting myself to 10lines)

18:26(ist) 7th october 2023

hey wassup gang, yesterday i had a cool vid call with the brother of my czech girlfriend, he was pre cool liek i had sm fun talking with him nd he was absolutely vibing my vibe, his name was fedora or sum like that?? idk im bad at remembering names

He had a heavy czech accent which i found v funny tbh nd he thinks im v handsome :DD (i think so too, atleast in the mirror) nd yah he told me to never go to USTI !!

ah college work has been killing me btw, idk if im built for this shit lol.

i had 2 naked chicken tacos from taco bell, i love them, they taste heavenlyyyy nd so low cal too, i can easily fix them into my diet schedule :>

das all for today thank you fine people

13th october 2023

SO TODAY I WAS STUCK OUTSIDE MY HOME FOR 4 HOURS COZZZ no keyss nd yuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i went to mcdonalds nd had nuggies nd a mcaloo tikki burger which is special for india only nd honestly, its so goodddddd mwah i love it to death, nd its the cheapest so winwin, hehe

i also love the mcflurry yumsmsms i wish they also served diet coke but eh ig more wait needed for that development,

i will be doing experiments for my practical tmrw hope it goes well

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