The group shifting lie

Sooo.. A lot of people in the shifting community tend to think that the ONLY way you can group shift is by all succesfully shifting at the same time, but this is not true.

I found out you can literally take your friends to your dr without them trying to shift (they do have to give consent).

I have found some proof of this so far, even though I haven't actually shifted together yet. (We will very soon and I will probably update on this).

Yesterday I got super close to shifting. I was literally pure awareness. This happened at around 11. Today my friend who is shifting with me told me she suddenly started feeling weird and disconnected around that same time, with no other explanation.

A while ago my other friend who is also shifting with us tried shifting while I was eating my dinner, and I didn't know he was doing it at the time. I was just casually eating my food while I started feeling the same feeling my friend felt yesterday.

These symptoms don't feel like you're shifting yourself, but like you're automatically slipping away from this world. I had never felt that before my friend tried to shift while I wasn't.

If you're an anti-shifter, please don't bother me, I don't care about your opinions and I am not replying either. I'm just trying to help other people shift and learn things about shifting that personally help me in my journey. None of the research I do is scientific, it's just based on my own experiences.

There are more blog entries on my profile surrounding the subject of shifting, including tips and misinformation broken down. There are a lot of false beliefs around shifting that don't imply to everyone that I talk about.

Thanks for reading!! I hope this helped you in some way, because this helped me personally. Byee!! :D

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