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Meh Day :/

Wii Pointer #1 Tilt Normal Today was kinda shitty. I went to a job fair, and like 80% of the jobs there were for construction, the rest weren't even jobs they were just universities looking for students. It was so weird. There was la vie en rose which was cool, I had a nice talk with the girl and I gave her my resume, I hope I get called for an interview.

Since there was literally nothing else there, I went to A&W (the job fair was in the mall) and had lunch, then I found out that my FAVORITE FUCKING GAME STORE IN THE MALL SHUT DOWN!!!! It was called gamers choice and it was so cool, it sold super old technology and video games, and I was actually saving up to get a speaker for my ipod, but they fucking shut down?? They've been there since I was TINY, I'm so surprised they moved. That mall is shit anyways, theres no stores in there other than walmart, everything else is blocked off and closed.

So yeah, that was upsetting. Since I came to the job fair with like 10 copies of my resume, I thought I'd go into this cute bookstore and drop off a copy. I get there and the manager says they're a volunteer place, and I dont know why but I got really embarrassed. After I talked to him I left and called my mom to come get me (I dont have my lisence) but there were police sirens on the street and they were super loud and all they did was make my anxiety a lot worse.

Anyways, I'm home now and I'm fine, but today was a little shitty. When I got home I made ghost cookies, they were really good. Although, my hands feel very tingly for no reason right now, so I'm gonna stop typing for now and I'm gonna finish Day 4 of OC-Tober (An art thing).

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