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College Diary #2

 So basically I have a boyfriend. And he makes me happy. I have never been happy before. I really don't know how to express this new emotion. My emotion became so real in the last few years because I actually had to be introspective thanks to the pandemic. I don't fake emotions like sadness or angst anymore. They are real. I just have a certain way of expressing it. And my boyfriend understands that. He sees me for who I really am. 

   My boyfriend is Dylan. He is a comedian. And he makes me laugh every time I am upset. He is amazing. It's because he sees my feelings for what they are rather than what I make them appear to be. He's weirdly empathetic and sympathetic at the same time. I really like him for that. And he is really sweet. I really hope I can let myself be happy. I will but with the help of Dylan and his infectious bright smile and funny jokes.

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