Omggg SAW X was so much better than I thought. I didn't have high expectations going into it, as I felt the last few installments were so-so. It's not that I hate them! They are such a fun watch. However, I think putting the focus on John's helpers rather than on him made the story go downhill. 

*spoilers for the SAW series*

I feel they killed John Kramer off too early. My guess is, they didn't expect to make so many sequels. So, when people wanted more movies, they had to find ways to keep the story going. The plot gets so outrageous, but If I don't think too hard about it I still have a fun time.

But with SAW X putting the focus back on John Kramer, they had a solid background story to build off of. Putting the mastermind of it all back in the picture was a stellar idea. 

It's also probably the most gore-focused one of them all. 

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