the gray sleep

Angels kiss. Milky white skin. Your hand in mine. I’ve discovered the source of all that is good and evil, all that populates and destroys and loves. I’ve crossed a boundary now, may it not be so ghastly, but I will say now, I've changed. I have become what was programmed into my very core in this wretched flesh and hormone-induced living coma. Tears. Why? Why do I cry, softly, after I saw you? 

Does it all feel this way? Aimless touching and arousal? 

I now awake as a stranger again. And your body doesn’t rise to the God’s sun, but falls again and back into that dream state. And I urge you on to join me - the Moon and Sun never meet. 

What am I now? After this. What is my body now? 

Where am I to take myself after you? Trudge back to my pitiful life? 

How long I waited to see you again, but oh how I dread it all in the morning. The white light, you are beautiful. I look at you now. What a fragile thing. What do you dream, I wonder, if dreams ever come to you. Youthful face the most calm I’ve ever seen you. 

I will miss you, dearly. 

This is a place between my time and yours, a low hum of energy that separates us from the world, us from the multitude of thorns for just a moment, a box in another reality.  The time dulls. The mind races. But you have found a cheap, bitter Nirvana and I am starving for the ground. 

We love like dogs. We will die like dogs. 

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