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🌿 minnie's dream journal


I kept waking up on and off, and when I was semi-asleep in the morning, I was dreaming that my jaw was completely swollen and fucked up to the left side! That part of my jaw is actually kinda screwed up so that's why, but I could feel the GRINDING of bone and it felt so tight and locked and disgusting, I woke up so relieved that my jaw was normal.


Dreamt that Sabrina and I went to a beach, but I dropped off my pink bag needed for the Japan trip at her house. She eventually needed to go to work so I was alone at the beach for a while, and at some point it became Rune Factory 4 angled. I was eventually losing many of my gear like fishing pole, hammer, important shit, and I was about to leave the beach anyway. The sand starts sinking around the outer edge of the of the shore and the tide suddenly gets really high and everyone starts panicking, running in all sorts of directions. I go to make sure my bag is still where I left it and go to grab it, feeling like I forgot something, but booking it before we can become submerged. Then I realize I can't get home because my Opus card is attached to my pink bag which is at Sabrina's house, so I eventually meet up with her in this prison ass cafeteria place??? As I'm running here I pass by many stores and parks and buildings. I tell Sabrina about the chaos and how I need my bag, that's all I remember.


Don't remember my dream from last night, but I do remember the one from early this morning lol. It was right after I started "resting my eyes" and "daydreaming" after waking up at around 5:30 am. I had an early 8:45 am class later, so I ended up dreaming that I was late because of my mom. We were on the way to the subway but at some point during the ride she really wanted to go to the thriftstore and kept insisting we wouldn't be late. Of course we were. But I kept getting mad at her because hello girl were gonna be LATE!!! so are you (we commute together in the morning for convenience even if I'll get to school an hour early consistently)!!! It was one of those false awakening dreams, so it felt like it was real life, so waking up I was kinda relieved lol. Nothing too special.


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