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The story of Moe | TW: mentions of suicide, SH, and incest

Gather around everyone. Let me tell you the story of Moe. Otherwise known as Shannon, Nina, or Judas. A person that was once my friend, who I hope reads this.

When I was 12 or 13, I was in a Discord roleplay server called "Furry city", laugh all you wish, the server was as bad as you could imagine. I was in a little 'Mafia' group, and someone called Shannon or Nina (at the time) joined.

Nina was a very interesting person. She was nice, or I thought so. You see, I was naive as a kid. I thought everyone was good. But now I see why she was shit.

Nina joined our little group. From now on, I'll refer to her as Shannon for simplicity sake as that's the name she used at the time. Shannon was an artist. A pretty damn tallented one. But, that's not important. Fast forward a solid few months, she breaks up with her boyfriend. She was 14 or 15 at the time. This will come into play later. Of course, she's depressed, she self harms several times.

Between this happening and her joining our friend group, she made an RP server called "Dusktopia". A server that now has ~1.5k members and is probably the biggest furry RP server on Discord. This event lead to everything going to shit.

I was amongst the first staff of the server. I was naive, young, and a level above stupid. I was fucking idiotic. Eventually, she gives ownership to another guy, Dom, the co-owner.

Later on, she comes out as bigender, then trans (FtM, from this point I'll use He/Him pronouns). He was now called Moe or Judas. Now, Moe or Judas was.. well, he was the same old guy, just trans now. Not an issue.

I looked up to him, saw him as one of my closest friends. While he couldn't give less of a fuck about me. And now my friends, my brothers and sisters, comes the half way point of this here story;

Fast forward a bit, I'll keep this part very simple;

>Moe wants server back

>Dom doesn't give back server because it has 1k members already and changed too much for it to just switch owners

>Moe says he'll kill himself

>We try to get the situation under control

>Moe kills himself

You may ask, why the fuck is this the midpoint.

It's because Moe didn't kill himself. Moe switched his name to Judas and left our friend group which withered away and fragmented like a hand grenade. It went to shit.

Fast forward to a solid year or so ago, bit less, I talk to Conso. Conso is an epic guy. Conso knows him irl.

Conso tells me what actually happened. The fact Judas lied. And a few more facts. The fact Judas' boyfriend when he was still a girl was actually his step-cousin (cousin by law not by blood), and was 20-something years old.

Fast forward to now. I am writing this blog. I feel nothing, I am disgusted by this man. Not due to the fact he's trans, of course not due to that. But due to the fact this man made me into a degenerate, and the fact I temporarily got hooked to weed, booze, and porn to try and cope with his "death" and several other factors.

Nina Van Kirkhoven, I will not forgive you if you're reading this. This is your deadname but your full legal name. There is a slim, tiny chance you're reading this. But if you are, I want to talk.

Before any of you ask. This is a real story. The names were not changed. I experienced this.

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damn. this nina guy rlly needs help. mentally and physically. imagine being fucked up enough to fake a suicide. so sorry u went thru this,, shits tough sometimes. on another note, sorry u got hooked to all that shit. addictions aren’t fun. hope u can power thru it, and honestly, ninas super fucked up. try not to let them get to u much as u can dude. just remember, ur awsum

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i just saw this and i don't even know what to say... that person is so fucked up and shitty??? i'm SO sorry you had to through all that bro :(

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Shit happens lmao

I'm trying to get back into contact with them after finding some extra info, they weren't the worst there, there was two people that were even worse. Might make an extra blog entry about them two.

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The way my smile faded when I saw the title. I really hope you’re doing alright bro : ( just reading it makes me feel sick

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This happened a good bit ago by now. I've gotten to a point where I don't care anymore. But thanks for your concern man, means a lot

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