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Converge / Deaf Club / King Yosef / Entry show

This show was really rad! I came into the show only really knowing Converge and some Deaf Club, but shows like this always reminds me how rad it is to see bands live. 

I go to a lot of shows on average since I was 14/15. I love music, but after going to shows for a long time, sometimes there will be bands that bore me, and that's alright.

This show was on the more exciting side. I cannot believe Converge can still rip that hard live after having doing this for decades. So cool to see life long pals who are all so talented and love being in a band together.

Deaf Club was incredible. Highlight of the show for me. I've heard of Justin Pearson's many bands over the last few decades and unfortunately missed the train on The Locust, but holy hell is Deaf Club good. Great tone, the perfect amount of chaos and wonderful musicianship. Made me wish I could be in a band like that, or just in a band again that would have that much energy. 

King Yosef isn't usually my style, but they were dope. The drummer was playing to a drum track and never missed a beat, it was hella impressive. They seem like they're kiddos into hip shit, but I'm sure they deserve more credit then I'm giving them here. I'll give them another listen at home. 

Someone referred to them as industrial and I guess in that genre for new industrial bands, Uniform takes the cake. That band goes soooo hard live it's unreal.

Entry was the opening band and they ripped so hard. I love when you can feel the anger just seething through someone's teeth when playing live and that vocalist brought it for sure. Incredible energy. 

I wish this show was all ages! I feel like so many teens would've loved to see these bands and absolutely lose it! And if you haven't heard of these bands and you like dark and more gritty hardcore music,  check them out!

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