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Alien Interference

I remember playing as a kid at a park in Chicago. It was a beautiful day and there was so many kids, we all played tag together. I didn't think there would be anything out of the ordinary going to happen, but something did happen and I have never been able to uncover it. At some point I felt exhausted and needed to sit out the next game. I sat on the edge of the playground looking at the rest of the scenery.  A boy also decided to join me and we talked a bit in shy spurts. Then out of nowhere and so sudden that there was no time to react, the whole of the park become engulfed in a white blinding light. As soon as it came it was gone and no one seemed to have noticed it happened at all. The kids still playing tag and people jogging and nothing out of place. Why hadn't anyone seen this light? The boy still sat next to me and I asked him if he also saw what had happened. He turned and said "yeah I did". I asked my parents afterwards and they denied ever seeing any light.It wasn't until years later that I started reading about ufo's and alien abductions. The accounts of people being taken, the light they describe as blinding right before losing time and then being returned as if these aliens had control of time and space itself. Was I a victim of these creatures, I wondered for a long time. I can't ever answer that question, but I do know that whether or not they are of a peaceful or malicious nature, they are here and have been for a long time.

My encounter with other worldly beings doesn't end there. Dream's can be a powerful way for us to communicate with our subconscious, They also provide a way for entities to speak to us. I had a dream once I was at a party and all my friends were there. As I walked around the room I noticed a group of people sitting on a couch. I went over to them and noticed some of them had neon face paint on, stripes and lines across their faces. I looked closer at these people and then they changed from humans to aliens. They resembled the classic gray aliens of popular culture  but looked more like giraffes faces. The body was a see through translucent color and I could see what looked like energy orbs moving around inside them. The face paint wasn't paint at all but some way for them to disguise themselves. What are they up to, why are they interested in human interactions? Was it just a dream or alien interference.

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The first story you ever shared with me..

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Aww it is, I love you so much baby.

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