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Railroads and Hauntings-what do they have in common?

After visiting a few locations here in Northern KY, I started to notice that each haunted location had a railroad close by. Many paranormal researchers believe that ghosts use energy from lots of different sources to manifest themselves. They absorb this energy, be it from the living or the natural environment itself and use it to make themselves more powerful, in order to affect the location they're in. Trains running on steel tracks conduct electricity (usually the third rail is electrically charged). Could ghosts be using this available energy source? Drawing power from near by tracks could possibly be a reason for certain locations constant paranormal reports.
Bobby Mackey's music world is a nightclub famous for it's haunted reputation and even reports of possessions. Where are the ghosts that reside there getting so much power to be such a strong presence at this location? There are railroad tracks there too, only about 39 ft. from the back of the nightclub. Same with the Gaines house in Walton, KY.  This historic house is the oldest in Walton and likely built by the Gaines slaves. Death is no stranger to this location, as reports of many suicides and hangings still linger in the minds of it's residents. This house is said to be very haunted and curiously sits in-between two railroad tracks not 150 ft. each from the house. Last on the list is the Sherman tavern also used at one point as a stagecoach stop in what is now Dry Ridge, KY. The sightings of spirit orbs, disembodied voices, full body apparitions and it's long extensive history also makes this a great spot for the railroad theory. Of all the other locations mentioned, the train tracks here are the farthest away, about 392 ft. from the tavern. There are all kinds of other natural places to draw energy from, like flowing rivers and sometimes even the stones used in the foundations of the buildings (limestone used at Big Bone Church). Whatever the source is of these occurrences, I find it fascinating and hope to uncover more correlations between them.

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I really want to visit more places so I have something to write about lol.

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