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ummmm....returned....for a bit

yes yes yes hello blog i have been successfully awakened from the dead. tbh this is no different than when i write journals, i just write whenever i feel like it. life update after 6 month hoooooraaaayyy so i have a gf now ;3 i dont think i ever was gonna get any lover but um...when life gives u lemons....(jk) i also started school again somewhere in august and tbh its better than my last class. ive talked to a few ppl and they were soooo blanddddd like im sorry, if im asking u abt what hobbies u have i dont wanna hear a "i like to hang out w my friends" LIKE THATS NOT A HOBBYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. AND SLEEPING. IS. ALSO. NOT. A. HOBBY......... i had like 0 expectations talking to these ppl and somehow got disappointed lmao but its good. not that im super duper interesting or anything but i have a few more things that i like to do other than get wasted every weekend and hanging out w ur friends 24/7 just to feel good all the time. uuummm i have a teacher that i really like but recently she has been talking about rather more boring things than usual so i havent been that interested. 

gaming life update!!!!!!!!!!!!

so i got bg3 and its super awesome ;3 i love lae'zel and after like 30 hrs i havent even finished act 1 lmao. aaaand im also ALMOST done w skyrim, i have like 80+ hours in it and i feel like ive explored most places and im actually running out of quests to do. i also got cb dlc that i havent even started yet because i refuse to start anything if i havent finished other games. tbh i need another summer break because i spent my whole ass summer break recovering from the previous school year and didnt have a chance to game as much as i hoped to (help me) oh and i finished zelda totk, it was super great :3 and finished horizon forbidden west aaaand i kinda want vr neow because i wanna try out new thingzzz. anyways if anyone actually reads this and has vr headset lmk if its worth it :3

thank u for reading 

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