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About me!

Hello! My name is Jack!

I’m 19 years old 

He/him pronouns and masculine terminology only please!

I’m AroAce (aromantic and asexual) so please don’t attempt to actually flirt with me. 

I’m also very dyslexic and I will spell things wrong, feel free to correct me. I won’t take offense to any kind of corrections.

I’m in college right now studying 2D animation and French 

My Myers Briggs is ENFJ (2w1) and I’m a Sagittarius (December)

Mha is my favorite anime so I’ll talk about it a lot, however I enjoy a lot of different kinds of animes and animated films/tv shows! 

I also enjoy video games. I typically enjoy multiplayer games so I can play with friends, (I’m not a big fan of playing games on my own) but there are plenty of games I enjoy that are single player. 

My favroite color is yellow and my favorite food is French fries. I drink more Dr. Pepper than what’s recommend by any normal medical professional. 

I may not respond to messages immediately since I am often busy with class or my show choir group, however I will always try and respond to any message I get! 

I’m an artist so I love making and creating so don’t be surprised if I occasionally post things I make. I love all kinds of art: drawing, painting, digital, traditional, music, dance, writing, and more! 

I will block anyone who discriminates against others and I prefer to interact with kind and accepting people. 

Have a nice day! I hope to make great friends on this website! Feel free to ask me anything! :) 

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