- over 20 (currently added is okay)Β 

- under 13Β 

- general dni stuff like if ur racist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist, pedo, etc.Β Β 

- i dont rly like bulletin spammers but it honestly depends who you are though dont expect me to comment on every single oneΒ 

- dsmp fans and other weird fan basesΒ 

- if you support fast fashion, right wing, capitalist, etc

- pro ed/ed twt, pro sh/sh twt, etc.Β 

- dont friend me just for the purpose of being β€œfamous” on here I want to actually speak with people and make friendsΒ 

- also dont friend me if your trying to promote ur music, tho it honestly depends on the genre like if its something i would listen to ill prob listen to a song or two but dont expect me to do a lotΒ 

If i find you super annoying I will probably just unadd you dont take it personallyΒ 

Ill add more when i think of more stuffΒ 

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