You can shift anywhere, at any time, at any circumstance

There is a lottt of misinformation surrounding the requirements for shifting, even though there are NONE!! You could shift right now if you wanted to, you can shift to escape your problems.

In shifting communities people often tell you you need to be hydrated, be in a quiet environment, lay in the starfish position or even lay down in general, have all your shit together.. you get the idea.

None of these things are true. Some people may be convinced it helps them, well good for them, but it's just the fact that you are convinced it works that makes it work in the first place. I am the living proof you don't need ANYTHING to shift.

A few days ago I literally almost shifted, and my circumstances in which I did this might shock some people. If only I didn't focus on my own symptoms I would've shifted.

I was laying in bed with my girlfriend, she was having the literal loudest coughing fits ever every 5 minutes or so, I was laying on my side with a stuffed animal, I could feel all my body parts, I had to pee, I was thirsty, I had 1000 things to do, I was cold, I was tired, there was loud electronic music playing downstairs, mosquitoes buzzing in my ear, and I was not using a method.

I will write another entry on how you don't need a method to shift.

Okay but if you look at all the things I had going on, and the only thing keeping me from shifting that one last second was my own shifting symptoms, you realize you have no limitations to shifting whatsoever. No matter what anyone tells you, remember I had this experience, and if I can do it, you can too.

Thanks for reading! I hope this was helpful, I have more of these shifting related entries so if you want to read them that's up to you. Byee!! :D

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